Dr Martin Allan



Martin Allan V5

Dr Martin Allan has worked in the field of Psychiatry for over 15 years, with a special interest in depressive and bipolar disorders, as well as adjustment and anxiety disorders, PTSD, and psychotic illnesses. Martin obtained his fellowship to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2013. Having studied in Aberdeen, Scotland, Martin relocated to Sydney in 2005 where he completed his specialist training.

Martin completed his Psychiatry training at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and the Concord Centre for Mental Health in Sydney.  His final years of training focused on developing his skills and approach to individuals across the age spectrum. Advanced generalist training provided Martin with experience in the areas of rehabilitation, adult high acuity disorders, psychogeriatrics and early intervention in psychosis, with the variation reflecting his interest in pathology presenting across the age range.

As one of our resident psychiatrists, Martin is involved with our telehealth appointments. These appointments are conducted online as opposed to the usual face-to-face consultations, and allow Martin to assess claimants in harder to reach areas in a better time frame. A telehealth appointment allows the claimant to be assessed from the comfort of their own home or their local medical clinic, limiting the need for travel for the claimant especially where psychological disorders may provide a barrier to them travelling some distance for an assessment.

Martin was recently appointed as a Dispute Resolution Services Decision Maker for SIRA (State Insurance Regulatory Authority). Martin is also an accredited Comcare Whole Person Impairment Assessor, as well as a NSW Workers Compensation and Tasmania WorkCover Whole Person Impairment Assessor.

Dr Martin Allan is Sydney-based with appointments offered in other areas including Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Wollongong and Wagga Wagga. Martin is always happy to accept telehealth appointments in other locations, and will accept referrals for claimants 18 years and over.




Cherry Picking - documents needed for IMEs

As an Independent Medical Examiner - and especially as a Psychiatrist, there is significant variation in the quality and quantity of documentation provided for the purpose of completing independent examinations.  There are many factors for this, including;


  • Type of referral (Compulsory Third Party Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Personal Injury Claims etc.)
  • Source of referral (Insurance Company, Employer, Solicitor)
  • Experience of individual referring. 


It is often observed that unrelated content in the documentation...click here to read more