At MLO, we are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of your personal information. We are bound by the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). We are regulated by the Federal Privacy Commissioner, to guide us in our responsible handling of personal information.

This privacy policy (“policy”) outlines:

  • what personal and sensitive information we collect;
  • how we collect personal and sensitive information, and why;
  • how we use and disclose personal and sensitive information;
  • how we handle our website and internet links;
  • the measures that we take to protect your information;
  • the process available to access information or raise enquiries, concerns and complaints.


The MLO privacy policy applies to the services and products offered by MLO, and binds all our employees. Our health professionals, employees and contracted staff are educated about their resposibilites to comply with this our privcay policy, and to appropriatelty handle all information collected.