Dr Martin Allan

Dr Martin James ALLAN

MBcHB (Aberdeen, 2004) FRANCZP (2013)


ALLAN Martin 2019

Martin  is a Scottish Psychiatrist, who after completing his medical degree in Aberdeen, Scotland,  emigrated to Sydney, where he completed his specialist training in Psychiatry, working in all aspects of mental health, across the Sydney Local Health District. 

Clinically, Martin has a broad range of interests in Adult Psychiatry, in particular psychological responses to life stressors, particularly occupational ones, depressive and other mood disorders, psychotic illnesses, personality disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. He has a particular interest in work place systems and their contribution to psychological health issues in workers. Martin recognises in the clinical space the importance of validation of the individuals experience and identifying practical, solution focussed approaches to treatments and interventions.  Working both in metropolitan Sydney and Rural NSW in both public and private contexts keeps his practice varied and challenging. 

The skills Martin utilises in the clinical space are also employed in the Medico-Legal space. Since 2013 a significant focus of his practice has been on the provision of high quality, timely and clear medico legal reports.  As one of MLOs resident panel of expert Psychiatrists, Martin provides assessments both through face to face consultations in his Sydney rooms, as well as in Woolongong, Canberra, Albury, Coffs Harbour and Parramatta. Other consultations are regularly completed across Australia and further afield via Telehealth. 

Martin is an established Dispute Resolution Services Decision Maker for the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) in NSW as well as a recently appointed Medical Approved Specialist (MAS Assessor). 

He is an accredited Comcare Whole Person Impairment Assessor, NSW workers compensation, Tasmania WorkCover whole person impairment Assessor, WA approved medical specialist. A NSW iCare Injury Management Consultant.  A Victoria WorkSafe approved Independent Medical Examiner.  He provides fitness for duty assessments across various employment sectors. 

Martin sees patients and claimants over 18 years of age.



Cherry Picking - documents needed for IMEs

As an Independent Medical Examiner - and especially as a Psychiatrist, there is significant variation in the quality and quantity of documentation provided for the purpose of completing independent examinations.  There are many factors for this, including;


  • Type of referral (Compulsory Third Party Claims, Workers Compensation Claims, Personal Injury Claims etc.)
  • Source of referral (Insurance Company, Employer, Solicitor)
  • Experience of individual referring. 


It is often observed that unrelated content in the documentation...click here to read more